Luxury is in every detail....

Studio Seed is a boutique stationery and giftware brand created for people who value the power of putting pen to paper in a technology obsessed world - helping you to reconnect with what's important in your life and to create the gorgeous, ordered life of your dreams!

The range of luxury, beautifully designed, cheerful papergoods and gifts include greetings card ranges, stationery items and seasonal treats which are infused with founder and designer Tamsin’s charm and charisma.

The collections were launched in 2010 and continue to be inspired by Tamsin’s love of illustration and playful design, while upholding the signature, beautifully charming style that Studio Seed is renowned for.

Tamsin created Studio Seed for expressive women - wives-to-be, mothers, daughters, sisters, lovers - who value affection and heart-felt communication... We hope our products inspire you to keep spreading the paper love, one beautiful note at a time!